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What is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is the ability of existing consumers as well as prospective customers to recognise a brand through its features like logos, taglines, colors, product features, other attributes etc. Brands which have a higher brand recognition leave a more lasting impact on the minds of the consumer, and generate a high brand loyalty over a period of time.

Importance of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a continuous process where a customer is regularly exposed to the positive attributes of a brand, so that a certain perception or image of the brand is created with the customer. It is very important for companies to understand what the customers feel about their brand, how the customer positions the brand value, what is its brand image, brand knowledge etc. For testing brand recognition, companies perform various tests through surveys, study groups, brand recall tests etc. Expressed normally as a percentage of the target market, brand recognition is the primary goal of advertising in the early months of a product's introduction in the market. Brand recognition does not necessarily need the customer to identify the brand name. Instead, it means that consumers can respond to a brand after viewing its visual packaging images and tell us about the brand awareness of the customer. Thus, the ultimate marketing goal is to have the target market think of your product when they are ready to buy thus, making the brand to stand out from the crowd. A high brand recognition means a higher brand equity.

Examples of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is when a customer identifies an parameter related to the brand on seeing it. Some examples of brand recognition are:

1. Without reading the name, a customer can identify the brand as McDonalds because it is highly recognizable "M" logo owing to extensive promotions and customer exposure.

2. An half eaten Apple logo helps customer recognize it as "Apple" company.

Steps to Improve Brand Recognition

Some measures to improve the brand recognition of a product maybe:

• Provide great customer service like guarantees and after-sales services.

• Develop a heart-felt story that speaks to why you are in business which would gain trust of the customer.

• Work to keep your name in front of your market and on the top of the customer’s minds.

• Provide value – exceed their expectations.

• Host a Facebook Group or promote your brand on twitter and other social media.

• Use the same photo/logo in all your marketing materials and be consistent in your branding so as to not confuse the customer.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Recognition along with its overview.

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