Brand Salience

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Definition: Brand Salience

Brand Salience is the degree to which a brand is appears in the consideration set of a customer when he or she is in process of buying a product. Brand Salience is a psychological phenomenon which helps during the buying decision of a customer, based on a perception made in the brain over a period of time.

Brand Salience depends upon quantity and quality of engagement with the brand. These are further explained below :

1. Quantity :

The more memory structures the brand is linked to, the more salient the brand–i.e. the more likely it is to be thought of during a buying situation.

For e.g. One will think of McDonalds when one is thinking about getting a meal for Rs.25. and one might also think of McDonalds when one is thinking of having some fast-food.

2. Quality :

It is a function of the strength of the association and the attribute relevance.

For e.g. Because one has seen so many Happy prize menu starting at Rs. 25 advertisements the linkage to McDonalds is very strong. If this value is important and relevant to a consumer because she is on a budget, this further increases Brand Salience.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Salience along with its overview.

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