AIO- Activities, Interests and Opinions - Definition & Process

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What is AIO- Activities, Interests and Opinions?

AIO or Activities, Interests and Opinions are parameters based on which customers are grouped under psychographic segmentation. AIO facilitates in understanding the attitudes, motives, needs and perception regarding a product or a brand based on the customer's activities, interests and opinions. The most common applications of AIOs are in market segmentation and advertising as it helps companies to target them better.

AIO (Activities, Interests and Opinions) is one of the parameters to carry out psychographic segmentation, which does market segmentation based on the psychology of the customers.

AIO (Activities, Interests and Opinions) dimensions

The commonly used AIO dimensions are –









Social Issues

Social Events









Club Membership






Source: William D. Wells and Douglas J. Tigert, “Activities, Interests and Opinions”, Journal of Advertising Research 11(August, 1971):27-35

AIO Process Methodology

• Marketers’ gives respondents long list of statements.

• Ask them to indicate how much they agree or disagree with each of the statements. 

Marketers then create profiles of customers in terms of activities and patterns of product usage using data from large samples. This is an exhaustive process which yields qualitative data about the customer.

Advantages of AIO

• Defining the target market – This method facilitates defining the target market beyond simple demographic or product usage variations

• Create a new view of the existing market – Creating strategies with stereotyping in mind about a typical customer in mind may not always match assumptions.

• Position the Product – Marketers can use psychographic information to emphasize features in a product that fits with a person’s lifestyle

• Communicating product attributes in better way - Provides useful input to advertisers regarding a much richer mental image of target consumer who are in the process of communicating something useful about the product.

• Product strategy development – Helps marketers identify new product opportunities, draft media strategies by understanding how a product fits or does not fit into consumer lifestyle.

• Marketing Social and Political Issues – Psychographic segmentation becomes important in political campaigns and policy makers for finding commonalities among consumers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of AIO- Activities, Interests and Opinions along with its overview.

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