Aided Recall Definition, Methods & Overview

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Definition: Aided Recall

Aided Recall is a market research technique in which the respondents are shown an advertisement and asked questions corresponding to it. Aided Recall is a technique of aided brand awareness. The respondents express their knowledge about a particular product when they are prompted. They are provided with cues to facilitate the responses corresponding to study i.e to remember points about the advertisement.

Aided brand recall tests how much the respondents remember a particular advertisement or commercial. The other type of brand recall is known as unaided recall.

Methods of Aided Brand Recall

Some of the methods used for testing aided brand recall on customers are:

• They are shown a portion of the advertisement and asked to recall it.

• The respondents are asked- what factors they thinks about when buying a product.

• A lot of products are shown and asked which one they use and why.

• Some product names are shown and asked which one they use.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Aided Recall along with its overview.

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