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What is Sales Approach?

Sales approach is the step by step proposition developed by a sales person or a company to make the process of selling more effective. A properly developed sales approach is what sometimes differentiates an amateur salesman from an experienced salesman. Different experts categories the various sales approached differently.

5 Types of Sales Approaches

Here are 5 different kinds of sales approaches:

They are as follows:-

a) The instant buddy

Salespeople who use this approach are warm and friendly and try to connect to the customer at an emotional level. They ask questions to the customers trying to understand them and their needs better. They are an instant hit with most of the customers they interact with.

b) The Guru

The sales people who use this approach use more logic than emotions. They try to get the customer to buy by displaying a great knowledge of the product category and why and how his product better than that of a competitor.

c) The consultant

Salesperson who uses this approach tries to combine both the buddy ad the guru approaches. The salesperson presents himself as an expert who has the customer’s best interest in mind.

d) The networker

Such a salesperson will create a large web of friends, of coworkers, of salespeople of competitors, customers and anyone else he meets. He banks on this network to generate leads for him and eventually sales.

e) The Hard seller

The salesmen using the hard selling approach often scare the customer into buying a product.

Sales Approach Example

Let us take an example of a phone. Sales approach of Guru works sometimes as the sales person explains the logical features of phone to convince the customer by comparing to similar phones and competitors.

Another example can be of insurance in which hard seller sales approach is used.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Approach along with its overview.

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