Sales Report

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Definition: Sales Report

Sales report describes the record of all the calls which have been made and products that have been sold during a particular time frame by a salesperson or the management.

A typical sales report may include data on

1. sales volume that is observed per item or according to group of items

2. The number of current and new accounts that were contacted and when

3. any costs that were incurred in promoting and selling the products

A sales analysis report shows what all trends are occurring in a company's sales volume over time i.e. it shows whether the sales are increasing or declining. This report can be analyzed by the sales managers to decide the best course of action like to identify market opportunities and areas where sales volume could possibly be increased. The company’s sales can be shown for a quarter or a year. A small-business manager is usually more interested in breaking sales down depending upon the location or product. It contains details like Time period, Sales summary, Sales by Format, Sales by Category, Report Preferences, News & Updates, FAQs, Overview etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Report along with its overview.


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