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What is Support Services?

An activity required for successful execution of a product or program or process is known as Support service. The support services are managed by a separate department. It is extremely important for any organization to have good support services to succeed in their business. Support services are important for the immediate relief of the customers and the clients. Support services are not just limited to phone calls nowadays email, chat, web forms, and social communications, as well as self-service support sites.

It is also used to provide information on how to use a particular project. The business should offer support on multiple channels to improve their association with the stakeholders. Nowadays 3/4th of the customers are available on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. and they discuss their issues on public forums. So it is must for a business to be ubiquitous in today’s changing environment. Also, the need of the hour is to listen and respond to all the queries in a timely manner.

The customer’s behaviour very much depends on the after sales support services. Therefore, all the companies should focus on driving the customer satisfaction through various activities.



1. The better the quality of the support services higher will be the business growth.

2. The increase in customer satisfaction would lead to repeat purchase and will infuse brand loyalty. This will improve the reputation of the company.

3. Understanding the customer mindset and expectations will help the business develop product as per the customer’s needs.

4. Good support services will help reduce the employee turnover with the profits being shared with the employees leading to higher satisfaction.

5. Support services can serves as an ample source of information that can be used for the evaluation of the product and services.


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