Sales Meeting

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Definition: Sales Meeting

It is a coming together of a representative of the company selling the product or the service and the potential buyer. Usually it is in a presentation format, but it can be a telephone call or an online meeting as well. During a sales meeting, the salesperson provides a description of the product and explains the ways in which it will meet the needs of the buyer. It is important during the meeting, for the sales person to focus on the features that solve the user’s problems or else she may lose the buyers attention if the service or the product offers too many irrelevant features.


E.g. financial planners would conduct a sales meeting to talk about retirement plans, engage the potential buyer and convey her about how the company’s investment products will help her meet her goals for the future.

A famous approach to sales meeting is following the order of features, evidence, benefits and agreement. The sales person should have a collection of impressive and effective statements for each of the above objectives.


E.g. A pharmaceutical sales representative will should start by saying that XYZ reduces cholesterol by 15%. He may then provide evidence of a clinical study showing the drugs effect. Then the salesperson should connect back this feature to the need of the consumer to reduce cholesterol levels for a better heart, making it a benefit of the product for the buyer. Finally to reach an agreement, the representative should ask the customer whether the product benefits are in line with her needs.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Meeting along with its overview.


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