Direct Response Television - Meaning, Importance & Types

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What is Direct Response Television?

Direct response television or DRTV can be defined as any television advertising that permits or requests consumers to directly respond to the advertiser. Direct response television comes under direct response marketing. Idea wise, it is a combination of the mass market appeal of Television with a one on one sales presentation.  This can be through a telephone number or through the official website of the advertiser.

Importance of Direct Response Television

Direct response television is a useful tool in marketing & advertising using broadcast television. This gives companies access to many households and customers who watch TV actively. It helps companies to advertise their products & service through TV channels, which not only helps build a strong brand recall but also entices customers to buy the goods.

Types of Direct Response Television (DRTV)

Direct Response Television can be technically divided into two types:

1. Short form: Those DRTV commercials that are of less than 2 minutes duration.

2. Long form: Those DRTV commercials that are of more than 2 minutes duration.

Direct response television (DRTV) marketing is majorly seen in products like fitness equipment, housewares, beauty products, healthcare, coins, collectibles etc.

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