Consumer Oriented Marketing - Meaning, Importance, Steps & Example

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What is Consumer Oriented Marketing?

Consumer oriented marketing is a marketing strategy where the company gives priority to the consumer needs, their behavior and focuses on keeping the customer happy. Consumer oriented marketing approach involves understanding customer needs, evaluate their feedback, focus on customer service and change business as per consumer needs. In the strategy, companies build and improve products based on consumer needs as they believe customer is always right.


Importance of Consumer Oriented Marketing

As today the market is characterized by a number of products, a variety of diverse customers and stiff competition. In such a scenario, marketing with consumer in mind has become a necessity. Marketing managers are shifting their focus from selling a product to creating something that is needed. Starting from product creation to selling and servicing, consumer focus is given the utmost priority. The focus group discussions, surveys and feedbacks done by companies to understand consumers are some examples to show how much importance is given to consumers.


Consumer Oriented Marketing Steps

A few critical processes and steps to achieve customer orientation are:

1. Customer feedback

Taking regular feedback from customers via VOCs, surveys, polls etc. will help understand the changing customer needs and their feedback.

2. Set goals

It is critical that a company sets definite and measurable goals based on customer requirements to improve existing services.

3. Monitor Feedback

With the global presence of social media, it is critical to monitor customer feedback and perception

4. Complaint Resolution

The biggest step in consumer orientation marketing is to understand customer issues and resolve them on priority, thereby providing a seamless service.

5. Product & Service Improvement

Based on regular feedback, the company must thrive to improve the product and services to provide the best possible customer solution.


Example of Consumer Oriented Marketing

Brands like Netflix have developed their businesses on focusing on customer needs. From movie rentals and DVD sales online, the company has revamped its business to online streaming, which is the most preferred consumer need. Also, to cater to a larger audience, they have been providing multi-lingual content as well to cater to varying customer needs.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Consumer Oriented Marketing along with its overview.

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