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What is Needs?

Needs are basic or advanced urges or demands that lead us to take an appropriate action to fulfill them. Or in terms of marketing if we consider, needs are the gaps which the companies try to fulfill with their products and services.

The needs of human beings are best described by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs given below: -


The buying behaviour of the consumer depends on his position in the hierarchy. The behaviour changes as he moves up in the hierarchy.

Example: -

If a consumer is able to fulfil his basic needs i.e. Physiological Needs he will then move one step up and look for safety needs.

Need, in terms of marketing can be divided into the following five types:

1. Stated

2. Real

3. Unstated

4. Delight

5. Secret

For example a customer wants to buy a car. When consumer says he wants something, like an expensive car, that is his stated need. When the consumer wants a car for rational, genuine need, like he wants a car whose operating costs are low over a time, and not just a low initial price, this is his real need. In buying this car, the consumer also expects a good service from the dealer. This is the unstated need. When the consumer doesn’t explicitly express that he would want something but would like to have it anyway, say for example he would like the car dealer to include an onboard GPS navigation system too; this becomes a delight for him. Lastly, there is a desire seldom shown, this may be a secondary benefit of obtaining the product, yet equally important or might as well be the main reason, but not expressed so readily. For example, here the consumer wants a car for the status symbol so that he can show his friends that he is a savvy consumer. This is when he has a secret need to appear to fit in.

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