Gender Segmentation - Definition & Importance

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What is Gender Segmentation?

Gender segmentation is the process of dividing of potential markets based on gender (male or female). Gender segmentation is done when a company which manufactures products wants to focus only towards boys or girls, as the products are very gender specific. It helps companies to break down the market into smaller groups and becomes easier for them to target the potential customers.

Importance of gender segmentation

Gender segmentation helps classification on the basis of male & female, boys and girls, men and women etc. Certain products are created only to fulfill the needs of a specific gender. After this type of segmentation, companies can easily target the smaller well defined group in a much more comprehensive and concentrated way.

Gender segmentation is a process of breaking down the market and falls under demographic segmentation, which is one of the four types of market segmentation.

Gender segmentation examples

Companies often make products which are very gender specific and suitable only for either males or females. This product would be irrelevant for the other gender. Some examples of gender segmentation are mentioned below:

1. Products for females- Products such as beauty creams, lingerie, sanitary napkins, skirts etc are only for women. These are products which can only be targeted to girls and would be of no use to any man or a boy. 

2. Products for males- Products such as shaving creams, razors etc are certain products which can only be used by men. All these products are specifically for boys and are of no use for women.

These are a few examples of gender specific products, for which gender segmentation makes sense.

On the other hand, there are certain products which are not gender biased and can be used by both men and women. Products like pens, calculations, mobile phones etc are not based on gender. However, some companies like apparel, shoe manufacturers have products specific to both genders then tshirts, shirts, sandals, shoes etc for both men and women. In all these scenarios, gender segmentation plays a vital role to reaching out to the right customer.

The below image depicts how gender segmentation can be used along with average earnings and what classification of people based in their occupation can be targeted.

Gender Segmentation

Using various segmentation schemes, companies are able to target groups effectively, and allocate marketing resources to best effect.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Gender Segmentation along with its overview.

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