Desirable Products - Meaning & Example

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: August 21, 2021

What is Desirable Products?

Desirable products is a concept of societal marketing which says that the products should not just be made for profit but for the benefit of consumers and the society as a whole. It propagates that a good product should have a two-fold aim:

1. To satisfy the consumers immediate requirements and provide satisfaction

2. To take care of the benefit of society in the long run

The products that take care of both the objectives are called desirable products.

Desirable Products Example

Body shop products are called desirable products because they provide short term satisfaction and also help the society as they are associated with healthcare foundations. Another example can be Insurance related products which not only benefits the individuals and the companies selling them but also keeps the society safe and secure through its policies and improve healthcare services.

The other categories carved by Prof. Kotler are: Deficient Products (which don’t serve either of the goals), Pleasing products (which bring high level of immediate satisfaction, but not ensure long term benefit), Salutary Products (which only provide long term benefit for the society).

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