Destination Store - Meaning & Example

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What is Destination Store?

Destination store is a retail store that combines several attributes to make it very attractive to the consumers. It prompts the consumers to make a special visit to the store for shopping even if the location is not very convenient for the consumers.

Destination store is basically a giant store that provides their customers that combines elements like, large categories of department stores, large size of shopping malls, discount deals of discount stores, unique and innovative ways of displays and interactions, fun of recreation centers etc.

It appeals to the consumer to such an extent that it diminishes the line between a store and fun destinations in consumer’s mind.

Characteristics of a Destination Store

1. It offers a lot of products related to an experience

2. It not only offers products but also offers services or experience which customers can buy e.g. playing games for a cost at a place which sells gaming consoles.

3. It is usually large in size as compared to conventional stores selling same things

4. Destination stores are mainly run through various partnerships through which it can provide multiple but related services

5. It mostly has a meta-market concept where a lot of linked products and services are available.

Example of Destination Store

Suppose, there is a company called “SKATER’S”, selling Skates and sports accessories. Skater’s built a skating rink along with a place to eat and providing a wholesome environment for a family to enjoy. Then this store is attracting consumer as a destination to enjoy as well a place to shop. Thus, this store is a destination store.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Destination Store along with its overview.

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