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Business Buyer Behaviour

This article covers meaning, types, factors & process of Business Buyer Behaviour from marketing perspective

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What is Business Buyer Behaviour?

Business buyer behaviour is the intent and behaviour shown by companies and employees into making purchases for the organization. Business buying behaviour is the concept of understanding the needs and wants of a business and making appropriate purchases, which ultimately help a company get profits.

Companies have specific roles allotted to employees, who responsible for making business purchases. This role is often known as business buyer. Business buyer behaviour can be understood on the basis of the business buying process, which helps companies to get the best raw material & goods, which can be processed to get maximum output and returns.

Business Buying Process

The above image depicts the buying process which is based on the business buyer behaviour.

Business Buying Behaviour Factors

There are certain factors which influence the buying decision of an organization. Some of them are:

1. Environmental forces

2. Organizational forces- Technical and price related specifications

3. Group forces- preferences of buying centre group

4. Individual forces- individual preferences

5. Factors like supplier of choice, order quantity, delivery, service, payment terms etc

Types of Buying Situations

Broadly there are three types of buying situations in a company

1. New Task- extensive problem solving stage; focus on product; 2 types- judgemental and strategic

2. Modified Rebuy- limited problem solving; focus on product & vendor; 2 types-simple and comple

3. Straight Rebuy- routine problem solving; focus on vendor; 2 types- casual and routine

Hence, this concludes the definition of Business Buyer Behaviour along with its overview.

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