Product Orientation

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Definition: Product Orientation

Product orientation is defined as the orientation of the company’s sole focus on products alone. Hence, a product oriented company put in maximum effort on producing quality product and fixing them at the right price so that consumer differentiates the company’s products and purchase it.

The product is created such that it would sell itself and there is high focus on its research and development. Hence, it holds relevant only in a small market scenario and is often combined with market orientation to cater to wide segment. Product orientation is philosophy in business which was incorporated prior to 1920’s when there was no sophistication in product development and the sole focus was on developing high-quality product.

The fundamental tools of product orientation include product research, product development and product focus.


Gillette Company focuses on producing the best possible disposable razors at an economic rate. Thereby, they distinguish their products with high quality razor blade, ease of use and right pricing strategy. Yet another classic example is the Ford Motor Company, where Henry Ford had made only model of car in black colour irrespective of the perspectives of the consumer.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Orientation along with its overview.


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