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5 people are having a discussion on the topic (Alex, Bertha, Cathy, Damien, Emily). The GD topic is Global Warming and its effect.

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Group Discussion Starts

Alex: Hi friends. Our group discussion topic is global warming and its effects on our world. Well we all know that global warming is happening due to various activities done by man. We also know that it is creating a problem. But can actually anything be done?

Bertha: Hi everyone. Yes we all know that deforestation, industrialisation, car pollution etc have increased CO2 & other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, which is causing depletion of ozone layers and hence the temperatures are rising globally. Global warming is a serious issue and something needs to be done urgently to fight it.

Cathy: Hi. We all know global warming is a serious issue. But again can we actually do something about it? It seems difficult. We live in a world where industries are prospering, people are driven by profits, everyone owns a car, people fly by plane etc. Such is human life now that inevitably we would destroy nature if we want to live a prosperous life.

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Damien: Hi. You have a valid point but I beg to differ. Yes, these are the things defining human life today, we cant keep this as an excuse and let things like global warming destroy our nature. We have to look at alternate solutions like recycling, using solar or hydro energy, hybrid cars etc. Simply by saying that this is how the world works and doing nothing would damage nature beyond repair.

Bertha: I agree with Damien. Nothing can justify the overuse of resources and things that adversely affect nature. Strict laws must be in place to ensure that companies follow guidelines and doing enough to save the environment.

Emily: Yes that needs to be done but it difficult as billions of dollars are riding on companies and they cannot fulfil every need to save the environment.

Cathy: That is my point exactly. Even though we know the ills of global warming, there is nothing much that can be done.

Alex: Well there are several things that can be done. Governments should strictly follow policies where they define green zones where no business activity would ever be permitted. Secondly, companies should be forced to plant trees double in number that they are uprooting. Forest reserves, sanctuaries, national parks etc should become the priority for everyone. Criminal cases against all those who break these rules should be pursued. Simply having meetings and conference would not help, but actual actions would be beneficial. That would truly help in saving the environment from things like global warming.

Cathy: It is much easier to debate and discuss but ultimately people and companies are profit driven. Thats what keeps them motivated. And since saving the environment is neither a priority nor profitable it is practically difficult to curb things like global warming, deforestation etc.

Bertha: As per geologists, the earth's majority glaciers would melt away by 2035, increasing the water levels and flooding sea facing cities. Cities like New York, London, Mumbai, Tokyo etc would become extremely vulnerable affecting millions of people staying in these low lying coastal areas. If something isn't done now, it can have serious repercussions.

Damien: With such industrial activities, the greenhouse gases get trapped increasing the temperatures in the atmosphere. Already temperatures in certain places have started exceeding 50 degrees celsius. If this continues it would make it difficult for plants vegetation etc to survive, therefore making life survival very difficult.

Alex: From where we see we must take actions now so that we can still give our planet a fighting chance to prosper and save the nature.


Global warming due to increasing temperatures as a result of industrialisation, human activities, deforestation etc is a serious issue for planet earth. People, companies and governments should look at these issues seriously and immediate actions must be taken to avoid serious natural calamities like flooding, melting of glaciers etc. All these can be done by afforestation, using renewable clean energy, avoiding wastage of natural resources etc.

Facts related to the Group Discussion Topic

1. Since 1880, the average temperature has risen by 1.4-Fahrenheit degrees.

2. The Arctic is one of the worst places to be effected by global warming.

3. Due to global warming and pollution, coral reefs are suffering the worst bleaching with the highest dying record since 1980.

4. Sea levels have risen about 7 inches in the in the last 100 years, which is more than the previous 2000 years combined.

5. More than 1 million species have become extinct due to disappearing habitats

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