Go Air SWOT Analysis

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Go Air is one of the leading brands in the airlines sector. Go Air SWOT analysis evaluates the brand by its strengths & weaknesses which are the internal factors along with opportunities & threats which are the external factors. Let us start the SWOT Analysis of Go Air:

Go Air Strengths

  1. Strong backing by the Promoters
  2. LCC segment is ever growing in India
  3. Has nearly 1000 flights per week
  4. Covers all the major Indian cities
  5. Good branding and marketing in India

Above are the strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Go Air. The strengths of Go Air looks at the key internal factors of its business which gives it competitive advantage in the market and strengthens its position.

Go Air Weaknesses

  1. Market share is very less as compared to leading players
  2. It has entered into the Indian market later than competition and also has lesser destinations

These were the weaknesses in the Go Air SWOT Analysis. The weaknesses of a brand are certain aspects of its business which it can improve.

Go Air Opportunities

  1. Middle Class taking to the skies
  2. More destinations for the customers to choose from
  3. Global operations can also be a value addition

Above we covered the opportunities in Go Air SWOT Analysis. The opportunities for any brand can include prospects of future growth.

Go Air Threats

  1. Plenty of new LCCs to compete with who already have taken the lead
  2. Rising Labour costs
  3. Rising Fuel Costs

The threats in the SWOT Analysis of Go Air are as mentioned above. The threats for any business can be external factors which can negatively impact its business.

Hence this concludes the Go Air SWOT analysis.

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About Go Air

The table below gives the brand overview along with its target market, segmentation, positioning & USP

Go Air

Parent Company

Wadia Group


Indian domestic sector



Tagline/ Slogan

Fly Smart


Lowest Price Good service airlines

Go Air STP

Cost Conscious Passengers

Target Market

Lower Middle Class / Middle Class


Low Cost No Frills