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Increasing the Textile Lifecycle for a Better Environment June 01, 2016

You must have heard it a million times “Save planet” or “Protect environment”. These phrases have been overused so many times and in so many contexts that instead of doing something about it, we now have become immune to these words. But the conditions are only worsening, the environment is still not protected, planet earth is still not saved. Because, it never needed saving. Planet earth has been there million years before us and will remain there million years after we have perished. The only thing in danger here are us humans. We are the vulnerable ones who require this feeble balance of atmosphere to survive. Which can be easily disrupted.


What is Ephemeral Marketing? May 14, 2016

Imagine a marketing campaign that lasts less than 24 hours or an advertisement that is created to last for just 10 seconds and then it vanishes so that no one can see it. Ever heard of exclusive marketing? This all sounds weird, right? Advertisement is supposed to grab as many eyeballs as possible. Marketing campaign is supposed to last much longer than 24 hours and more the number of people your campaign reaches the better it is supposed to be. Well, welcome to the world of Ephemeral marketing.


Customer Experience in a B2B Company May 08, 2016

Have you ever found yourself returning to same store just because you felt as if you are treated in a special manner? Or say, have you ever wanted to visit the same restaurant because you felt they took better care of you than other restaurants? Well, that is customer experience for you. Over time customer experience has emerge as a major differentiating factor for B2C companies. But is this the case for B2B companies?


Marketing in Service Provider Industries by Building Relationships May 01, 2016

In recent years there has been phenomenal growth in service industries. A major portion of employment is provided is provided by service industries in comparison to the manufacturing sector. Both macro and microeconomics of the nation are affected because of the revolution in the service industry. At the macroeconomic level, there is need to update the workforce as per requirement and at microeconomics level manager are required to change the marketing strategies in order to develop a relationship with the customer. Local and one to one aspect of service marketing makes the difference. Advertising in the service industry is done majorly internally instead of hiring the outside agencies as in the manufacturing industry.


Continuous Appraisal- A Comprehensive Study Of Cab Aggregators April 02, 2016

Many amongst us feel that advent of cab service firms are creating fortunes for thousands of cab drivers in India but the reality is not this simple, life of rental cab drivers is certainly not a piece of a cake rather their life is a process of riding on randomness to deliver certainty to their customers. Apart from the risk to their lives on dangerously crowded roads there are numerous cases of theft and murders committed against these cab drivers but this is not all there are other challenges that these poor drivers have to face which is the ‘continuous appraisal’ process.


Make in India vs Innovate in India March 19, 2016

India has been an independent nation for close to 70 years now and yet remains a ‘developing’ nation. Primary understanding of economies of various developing and developed nations reveals a clear differentiation - the contribution of organized manufacturing sector to the nation's GDP, which is alarmingly low for India. As we continue to perceive our economy as ‘rapidly growing’, this number remains under 17% while it is above 40% for developed nations like China and Malaysia.


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