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Customer Engagement vs Customer Loyalty 29 February 2016

One of the hardest parameters to measure is customer loyalty. It can be understood through proxies like surveys which can capture the willingness to buy. However the theoretical intention of buying and converting it into practice is completely different.


Is Free Basics really Net Neutrality? 28 February 2016

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?"

This is a Latin phrase written by the Roman poet Juval, which literally translated means “who will guard the guard themselves?” This theme is aptly applicable to the debate between free basics and net neutrality – Is Facebook the guardian who decides what free basics are?


How Nobel Prize got its Brand Image? 23 February 2016

Every brilliant individual on this earth aspire to see himself/herself as a Nobel Laureate. Superficially we all know what a Nobel Prize is and how it portrays a personality to all new level. But a very few know how it does. The coveted Nobel Prize has reached this elevated position over the years. A brief on how it branded itself.


Customer Engagement- A New Tool To Gain Customer Loyalty 19 February 2016

An article by Jeb Dasteel on Forbes where he says that customer loyalty is a lost battle has sparked huge debate in the world of marketing with almost 22490 views and comments from top executives of different companies. The article clearly vouches for customer engagement as a better tool to measure customer satisfaction and to increase brand recognition and revenue as against customer loyalty.


Business Strategy of Uber in Europe & its Way Ahead 05 February 2016

Uber Technologies Inc. is a San Francisco based company founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009. Uber is a ride sharing service which connects drivers and people through a mobile app. Its mission is to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. Due to its innovative service it is able to increase transparency between supply and demand in transport business and let these meet in an highly efficient fashion.


Omni Channel Retail – Click and Mortar 05 February 2016

Growing at a riotous pace, E-commerce industry has left many wondering about the future of retail industry in the world. With maximum shopping still happening offline, trendsetters are on their path to create another buzz named Omni-channel retail. The article would discuss about apprehensions in the consumers’ mind to shop online due to their touch and feel psychology for products, its effect in e-tailing and how the e-commerce companies are bridging the gap between online and offline mode of purchase through Omni- channel retail. Lastly, the article would focus on advantages of Omni-channel retailing in the Indian market and ways in which various Indian companies are addressing the customer needs.


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