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Make in India vs Innovate in India March 19, 2016

India has been an independent nation for close to 70 years now and yet remains a ‘developing’ nation. Primary understanding of economies of various developing and developed nations reveals a clear differentiation - the contribution of organized manufacturing sector to the nation's GDP, which is alarmingly low for India. As we continue to perceive our economy as ‘rapidly growing’, this number remains under 17% while it is above 40% for developed nations like China and Malaysia.


The Unheard Story of Online Healthcare Marketing In India March 14, 2016

A wise person once told “There will be medicine for hair loss, but never for brain loss”. A simple sentence that has varied dimensions. A thought that has spark in it. What it gives, is an opportunity to introspect on the other side. An enlightenment on the part that is never taken for reflection. But which deliberately needs contemplation and consideration.


Realizing India’s Demographic Dividend March 10, 2016

The world is undergoing a major demographic transition. Not only is population growth slowing, but the age composition of the population is also changing. The share of the young population is falling and that of the elderly rising. Different countries and regions, however, are at varying stages of this demographic transition. In case of most advanced nations, the aging process is already well under way, and a number of developing countries in east and Southeast Asia will experience significant aging in the years to come. In other developing countries including India, the demographic transition is less advanced, and working-age populations is going to increase in the days to come.


Digital Marketing - New Trends Helping Maximize Profits March 02, 2016

This article covers the aspects of Digital Marketing trends which are helping companies maximize profits. 

I needed a "Bike cover" for my bike as being a boy I have more attachment towards my bike .Asking from the shopkeepers I choose to purchase it online. Well, i searched it on some sites and suddenly i got ping of my friend on my FB.I closed all those tabs in which i was searching .I thought that i would see it later on.


Customer Engagement vs Customer Loyalty February 29, 2016

One of the hardest parameters to measure is customer loyalty. It can be understood through proxies like surveys which can capture the willingness to buy. However the theoretical intention of buying and converting it into practice is completely different.


Is Free Basics really Net Neutrality? February 28, 2016

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?"

This is a Latin phrase written by the Roman poet Juval, which literally translated means “who will guard the guard themselves?” This theme is aptly applicable to the debate between free basics and net neutrality – Is Facebook the guardian who decides what free basics are?


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