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Challenges in Reducing Freight Cost in an Industry 29 June 2016

In this current business scenarios, reducing freight cost is one of the important challenge. As an organization can’t increase their selling price to maximize their profit margin. Increase in selling price of a product could decrease its market share and slowly swipe away from the market. Other competitors could take the advantage and opportunity to maximize the market share by providing product to the customer at less price and better services. Providing best logistics solution to the customers require least freight cost, better usage of technology like GSM, Radio frequency identification to track vehicle and status of goods delivered to the customers.


Strategic Decisions in the Transportation Industry 16 June 2016

In this current competitive scenario, strategic role in transportation play very important role for the organization to take decision, as organization neither increase the selling price nor decrease the wages of employee. Increase in selling price would swipe the organization from the market due to huge competitive market, as other competitors will take the advantage of this the increased selling price. Also, decreasing the wages of the employee will lead to dissatisfaction towards work, which may lead to attrition of an employee.


Hotel Industry and its Operational Challenges 08 June 2016

With growing competition in the hotel Industry, it is very important for Hotels to differentiate themselves in terms of service or facilities that they are providing to the customers. In current scenarios hotels are taking help of ecommerce to publish themselves in famous service provider like OYO, makemytrip. These ecommerce players not only help to increase customer base, but help them to grow their business.


Paper Industry - Operational Excellence in Storage and Dispatch 01 June 2016

Paper is still one of the important medium for communication as well as for its use as a packing material. Demand of paper is directly related to the functioning of an economy, if economy flourishes then the paper industry will flourish along with the economy and same in the downturn of the economy it affects the paper demand. Paper always enjoyed the healthy demand because of certain reasons. Lifecycle of a paper from manufacture to consumption is very short. It is normally used as a consumption good not as a durable. There is no low cost substitute for paper available, and its nature of usage, from an individual to a company making it an only choice in utilization.


Inventory Management System in E-Commerce 21 May 2016

The process of sourcing, procuring and using the raw material during processing and the process of controlling and monitoring of the final product which is ready to be delivered to the end consumers. Inventory is a major portion of the asset and will not reap any profit unless it is sold. Because of this reason, whether a business is small or large, online or brick and mortar, it is a major concern.


Sustainability Constraints of Supply Chain Management 14 May 2016

The process by which a company manages the procurement and sourcing of inputs, manufacturing of products and services and the delivery of finished product and services to the customers is known as the supply chain management. The main objective of supply chain management is to meet the demand of consumers by efficiently using the resources which comprises of inventory, labour, and stock. Aim of supply chain management is to synchronize the business process and functions of the companies which will result in high performing and cohesive business model which can act react quickly with the rapidly changing market demands.


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