Applicant Pool - Meaning & Definition

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What is Applicant Pool?

An applicant pool can be defined as the total number of people who have applied for a single position by sending their resume and/or a filled application form.


An organization advertises its openings through internal job portals and/or external job portals like websites, campuses, media, etc. Applications for a particular job position are invited and the people who apply for this position become a part of the applicant pool for that position. This is the first part of the selection process. The organization then evaluates the received applications and prepares a shortlist of applicants who are eligible for the next round based on appropriate selection criteria.

The size of applicant pool may vary depending on the nature of the job position. In some cases, all applicants are made eligible for the next round.


In campus recruitments, students are invited to apply for a particular job position in the organization. The organization sends out a call for resumes and/or application forms and the people who apply become a part of the applicant pool. The whole applicant pool is or depending on the selection criteria, selected students from the applicant pool are eligible for the next round.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Applicant Pool along with its overview.

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