Availability Analysis

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Definition: Availability Analysis

Availability Analysis is a term which is applicable to the members who form a part of a disadvantaged group which suffers discrimination within a culture. The term Availability Analysis is usually associated with Affirmative Action / Employment Equity / Reservation / Positive Action.

Availability Analysis is an analysis that identifies the number of members belonging to a disadvantaged group or protected class that are available to work in a labour market which can accommodate them in the given jobs.

Availability analysis identifies the number of minorities, from both internal and external sources, who are qualified for employment for a job. Internal sources means the existing set of employees and external sources means a potential employee group. For external sources, the employer seeks workers from a particular area, called ‘reasonable recruitment area’, for a particular job. For internal sources, the employer seeks workers who are considered promotable, transferable, and trainable for a particular job. Also, as a part of internal sources, the employer considers employees who are trainable to become promotable and transferable in a specific time period.


The employer first selects an area from which workers are to be selected. For example, consider a metropolitan area like Mumbai. Within Mumbai, the employer analyses the availability of members from the ‘Koli’ minority who are qualified to perform a particular job. The external:internal ratio can be determined on the basis of job requirements.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Availability Analysis along with its overview.

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