Baby Busters

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Definition: Baby Busters

Baby Busters or Generation X or GenX or Slacker Generation or Xers are individuals born between the years 1965 and 1980.

This generation is associated with the following significant events:

a) Baby Bust – The sudden fall in birthrates

b) Two-earner households – Fall in the number of housewives

c) Rise in divorce rates – mostly because of work related issues

d) Technological advancement – the birth of personal computers

e) Economic uncertainty – increased use of terms like recession, layoffs, retrenchment, etc.

GenX is considered to be a technologically advanced, flexible, creative and having an entrepreneurial mindset. However, there are several negative traits associated with this generation. They are generally thought of as lazy, sceptical, cynical, indifferent, and ones who do not give importance to job-security and long-term employment.

Baby Busters are people who desire flexible work schedules so that they maintain a balance between work and personal life, prefer flat rather than hierarchical structures, and change jobs to widen their experience and to increase the scope of their careers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Baby Busters along with its overview.

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