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What is Task Significance?

The term refers to the perception that one's job or task exerts a positive impact on others. It is commonly perceived as meaningfulness of one’s work. It is one of the five job characteristics identified in Oldham and Hackman’s Job Characteristics Theory.

Because studies have largely focused on cross-sectional designs, research on task significance has been limited. In a 2008 study, Adam M Grant attempted to determine whether relational mechanisms and boundary conditions mediate task significance. Grant reported that increasing task significance was connected to increase in job performance.

For example, there is a project for creating an online portal. A designer is responsible for making the layout of the portal. This task is related and significant to other tasks, such as making the HTML code, writing articles for the website and search optimization. Without the contribution of the designer, the project will always remain incomplete. The significance of the designer’s task when the other employees (HTML coders, copywriters, SEO specialists, web masters), will start or continue doing their tasks.


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