Structured Interview

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Definition: Structured Interview

A structured interview is a formal interview (e.g. a job interview) in which the interviewer asks a standard set of questions in a standardized order within the time allotted. The candidate will not be cross-questioned on any of his/her answers and may be given limited amount of time to answer a particular question.


While questions on behavioural traits of a person are open-ended, technical questions like qualifications are close-ended and are clubbed together in case of a structured interview.

Structured interviews are standardized and can be easily tested for reliability because of the close-ended nature of questions. These interviews are fairly quick and a large number of candidates can be interviewed in a short period of time and analysis of the answers can be done easily. However, because of lack of flexibility in case of the process and quantitative nature of the answers, these interviews are not sufficient for jobs that require expertise as well as the right cultural fit.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Structured Interview along with its overview.

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