Weighted Application Form

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Definition: Weighted Application Form

A weighted application form is a form in which numeric values are assigned to the information fields. These weights are designed keeping the organisation needs in mind and give quantitative structure to the decision making. These numeric values help the employer map knowledge, competencies and abilities needed to perform the job. The values are assigned on the basis of the expectation of each organisation and remove the error of subjective evaluation of the applicant.

These forms help organisation fight employer turnover and eventual hire employers who fit well with in the organisational culture.


Data is collected for each information field. The applications are ranked accordingly and help the employer to predict the performance of the potential applicant within the organisation.


For example, while recruiting a medical support staff, relevant work experience and educational background are more important than soft skills. Therefore, the information fields will be weighted accordingly. In case of a marketing intern, his creativity and ability to project an idea are more important than his educational background.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Weighted Application Form along with its overview.


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