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What is Applicant Population?

It is the subset of the total available labor force population for selection purpose, by using a particular recruiting approach based certain predefined parameters. Applicant population exists in every field where there is any sort of short-listing or selection. The applicant population can also be understood as the number of people who have applied for any job opportunity. Recruiters then moves on to the selection process by short-listing the applicants, depending on the number of people in the applicant pool.

In the national level competitive exams such as AIEEE, IITJEE, PMT, UPSC, IBPS, etc, the applicant pool can be massive – sometimes more than lakhs of candidates. This creates issue for selecting authority as they must identify the difference between the candidates in order to create a short-list. Choosing appropriate selection criteria to match the position and organization is important to reducing an applicant pool with few levels of short-listing which is suitable for the role.

Example: Applicant population also includes any individual who applies for any of these following needs : The subscription for different types of services such LPG connection, broadband connection, electricity connection, applying for different courses in different undergraduate and postgraduate colleges by any individual, etc.

Now that there is a great inclusion of technology in HR, Big data and HR analytics is being used by organizations for more accurate analysis. Applicant population also can be used as a data base for various analysis references and future requirements by the organization.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Applicant Population along with its overview.

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