Contrast Error

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Definition: Contrast Error

Contrast Error is a concept during a performance appraisal of a candidate where his/her valuation is impacted by the fact that the previous candidates were relatively good or bad. It is an error where a person sets a certain benchmark, which affects the appraisal of the candidate being interviewed.

From HR perspective, this kind of error occurs during interviews and performance appraisals. In a process of performance appraisal or interview, mistakes induced as a result of previously appraised or interviewed participants on the questioner. It creates an alarmed or unalarmed comparing of one participant with the other, and inclines towards exaggerating their differences.

For example: A, B and C are interviewing for a job opening. A is up first, and he gives a poor performance .Consequently, the rater gives B and C a more favourable rating because the bar was set so low by A. Even though they did not perform remarkably, yet they received better reading.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Contrast Error along with its overview.


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