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What is Workflow Analysis?

Workflow analysis is a study of the way documents, information and the people who are related to a process move through an organization. Workflow analysis refers to the process by which you can take a close look at your company and determine where its strengths and weaknesses lie. It is helpful in finding out inconsistencies in the processes of the organization and enables the business owners to make necessary changes. Of course it is not a compulsory function but neglecting workflow analysis can lead to chronic and stubborn problems which become difficult to resolve.

Every workflow analysis will involve the same basic steps, which are listed below. However this is not the only method to do a workflow analysis and different business analysts may decide to work with different methods.

Interviewing and Getting to Know Upper Level Management

In search of a starting point business analysts interview the senior management in order to find out what they have already determined – what works and what needs t be improved. Then an interview with the managers to get to know the reason due to which they want to get the workflow analysis done.

Interviewing Managers and Employees within All Departments

This step takes a lot of time as the analyst interviews managers of all the verticals and also the workforce they lead in order to get a clearer picture of how the work is done in the organization. Everyone from Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, manufacturing etc. is interviewed and the processes involved in their day to day transactions put under the scanner.

Documenting Time, Resources, and Effort Spent on Everyday Tasks

By documenting time, resources and effort spent the business analyst can relatively gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the various processes and suggest improvements.

Making Recommendations for Improving the Business Analyst makes a list of idea and suggestions in order to streamline the workflow, but before making these suggestions directly to the upper management, a feedback is solicited from the lower management as these are the people who are the most involved in the business processes. After this the suggestions are made to the upper management.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Workflow Analysis along with its overview.

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