Employment Test

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Definition: Employment Test

An employment test, as the name suggests is a test taken by the employer for potential employees to see whether they are fit for the job profile being offered. This method asses the candidates on the basis of objective scores and is conducted before the interview process. The “test” can be in various forms such as written, oral, physical or even on the job tests.

Written tests include aptitude/personality tests or technical knowledge tests. Oral tests are conducted by a panel who administer the same questions to all the candidates. The communication in an oral test is one way unlike an interview. Physical tests are used for job profiles that require extensive physical strength such as the army. Candidates are required to go through various physical examinations such as running, long jumps, high jumps and even medical tests. On the job tests include simulation of a work scenario or problem and evaluates the decision making ability of the candidate.

The advantage of using the employment test system is that the employer can easily identify skills such as creativity, analytical thinking, written ability and so on. Properly administered tests will be able to measure relevant skills and personality that are required for the job profile. Therefore only capable candidates will be sent for the interview hence saving time and cost of the employer.

However, one drawback is that some applicants are discouraged by tests, hence resulting in a smaller recruitment pool. Another disadvantage is that personality tests can be manipulated by providing the answers the employer is looking for, thereby portraying a false personality.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Employment Test along with its overview.


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