Person Job Fit

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Definition: Person Job Fit

Person job fit is the process of identifying individual competencies needed for a job with the help of certain external processes like interviews, physiological test, references and the likes to measure knowledge skills and abilities of an individual against the competencies required for the job.

Job analysis forms an integral role in determining effectiveness of a recruitment process of an organization. Job description and job specification helps in choosing a right person for job in question Through job description tells us what the job is all about, why and under what conditions it is to be done .job specification describes the individual competencies- skills knowledge and abilities required to do a particular task. After checking such competencies in an individual with the help of various processes we can obtain a person job fit

Research shows that complete and unambiguous specification of individual competencies in job analysis reduces the effect of racial and gender stereotyping and thus helps an interviewer to differentiate between qualified and unqualified applicants. Research also suggests that employees whose competencies match with the job they are hired for perform better and are more satisfied.

Process of attaining person job fit


Of course an ideal person job fit had seldom achieved and thus, most recruitment process are called imperfect but a manager can definitely try his best to achieve maximum degree of alignment between required and available competencies in an individual during the process and could try to improve it with the help of various training processes. Lastly we have to accept this fact that each individual is unique and should be treated differently to fulfill the expectation of an organization.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Person Job Fit along with its overview.


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