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Encounter Stage - Meaning & Definition

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What is Encounter Stage?

Encounter Stage is the part of the stages of socialization where a person joins or enters an organization. Individuals discover how well their expectations match realities within the organization. This occurs after the prearrival stage and before the metamorphosis stage. Because of encounter stage, and how well a new employee adjusts, it determines the productivity, commitment and turnover of an employee.

Socialization is a process of adaptation that takes place when an individuals or a person tries or attempts to learn the value and norms of work roles. Joining an organization brings anxiety, excitement, happiness, loneliness, expectations same as a new university student

Purpose and Importance of Socialization

• Improve the ability of new employees

• For example: an new person might have some anxiety with the job so, by socialization we are improving their morale

Stages of socialization : There are three stages of socialization: prearrival, encounter and metaphorphosis


Out of three, Encounter Stage is as explained below:

When the two differ, stress and frustration set in. What follows thereafter is the process of how he or she mentally adjusts himself. In this process of adjustment, the individual tries to replace their own values and norms with that are present in the organisation.

At the other side extreme can also happen, the member or individual simply couldn’t come in terms or reconcile to the norms, culture and values of the organisation . She/he gets disillusioned and quits the job. Where there are differences or if any difference exist, socialization occurs so that it trains and helps the employee with the organization’s standards

For Example: if someone enters to the organization he will expect one think and in reality it will be something else however, this is not always the case that expectation and reality differ but new employees must socialized themselves.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Encounter Stage along with its overview.

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