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What is HR Specialist?

A HR Specialist is someone with expertise in one field of HR and is usually taken up by an experienced and senior HR member in the organization. Larger organizations different specialists take up different roles such as recruitment, compensation management, training and development, HRIS and so on.

However in smaller organizations a HR specialist performs all roles similar to that of a HR generalist. A HR specialist’s job has more routine and defined objectives to be achieved.

An advantage of being a HR specialist is that the person can focus on one element of HRM that interests them most. This means they can develop new platforms in the specific domain to help create a competitive edge for the organization.

A disadvantage however is that HR specialists are expensive especially because of their expertise and can only be afforded by large organizations.


Some of the roles & responsibilities of an HR specialist are:

1. Recruitment/Job Placement

2. New Hire/Termination

3. Labor Relations

4. Payroll and Benefits

5. Company Policies

6. Personal Considerations

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