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What is Guaranteed Fair Treatment?

Guaranteed Fair Treatment is an HR program or policy that ensures that all employees of an organization are given fair and equal treatment. These policies are expected to be well documented and highly publicized so that employees are aware of specific actions that have to be taken in times of need.


Areas that are mostly in need of guaranteed fair treatment:

• Addressing grievances: Grievances that are not addressed properly often lead to long standing feud. This causes strain in employer-employee relationship and also damages the organizations reputation. Thus It is very important to follow a fair and just treatment for grievance resolution.

• Succession Planning: This is an area that is extremely controversial and any decision is thoroughly scrutinized. So to avoid any unpleasant situation and maintaining the image of the company, it is very important to keep succession planning processes

• Employment: Employment especially refusal of employment can lead to disputes. To avoid such situations every employment acceptance or rejection process must be well justified and scrutinized.

• Gender Diversity: In today’s world there are no jobs which are only suitable for men or for women. Sever disputes ca raise if gender issues in organizations are not handled fairly.

• Racial Diversity: In a world that is becoming smaller every day, geographical boundaries a ceasing to exist in organizations. Most of them are spread across continents and thus it is very important to maintain racial harmony by treating racial issues justly.

• Sexual Harassment Issues: This is perhaps the most sensitive controversy that an organization can face and can tarnish the reputation of an organization beyond repair if not handled carefully and fairly

• Employee Training: All Employees are entitled to similar training opportunities given that they have the potential to help the company’s objective with the learning. Allocation of training programs, thus, should be done with fairness

• Employee Appraisal: There are always grievances regarding appraisal methods and allotted rankings. To steer free of any controversies regarding this it is important to make the process transparent and fair.

• Complaint process: Employee complaints against the higher authority must be dealt with fairly and made sure that the employee is not faced with the authority’s personal grudge.


Importance of Guaranteed Fair Treatment policy:

• Increases mutual respect and trust among employer and employee

• Encourages ethical behaviour in organization

• Employee loyalty increases

• Organization citizenship increases

• Fair treatment leads to lesser controversies and organization is faced with lesser legal complications


Hence, this concludes the definition of Guaranteed Fair Treatment along with its overview.

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