Predictive Validity

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Definition: Predictive Validity

Different research tools are used attain different research objective. But importance of validity remains the same in all the validity we mean how effectively a test 0r assessment measure what they intend to measure. Through above explanation we can definitely say that there are always certain inherent factors which affect the desired results.

Predictive validity relates to the efficiency of an instrument in predicting behavior or performance of an individual on some future simply defines the ability of one measure to predict another future measure of the same concept.

For example- how well a common admission test predicts the future performance of the candidate?

The concept of validity helps us to know that does the test measure what it intends to measure and can the results be used to predict the future behavior of the participants ?in other words it addresses that how well a specific assessment tool predicts the future behavior.

Predictive validity can be ascertained by calculating correlation coefficient between the results of the assessment and the subsequent targeted behavior .degree of correlation positively affects the degree of predictive validity i-e stronger the degree of correlation greater will be the degree of predictive validity and vise a versa.

Practical example

Many organizations use psychometric test as a part of their selection process wherein they tries to identify the personality traits of applicants so as to get right fit for the job. Here comes the role of predictive validity which helps to ascertain the future behavior of the applicant, ultimately leading us towards the right selection decision.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Predictive Validity along with its overview.


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