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Person-Organization Fit - Meaning & Definition

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What is Person-Organization Fit?

It is defined as the degree of congruence between the organization and the person. Researchers have suggested that person and organization fit is the key to maintain committed and flexible workforce which is very important in this competitive world.


It is a situation where an employee has found a job that suits his requirements and needs, receives enough salary as compare to his/her competitors and has a pleasant boss. This leads to positive outcomes. On the other side, if the employee does his/her work with dedication but the organization doesn’t foster the same, this makes the employee unhappy; thereby decline in performance and finally exiting the organization.


Example: An employee of XYZ ltd. has high productivity and enjoys working in teams because he likes the work that he is doing and is committed to deliver to the organization, this attitude leads him to be a good performer.


A-S-A Theory:

It is the Attraction-Selection-Attrition theory, which says that applicants are attracted and thereby apply to the organization with the same values and organizations hire such individuals only the selection process. After being selected, the employee gets to know the more about the job and then makes a decision to quit or continue being in the organization. This is known as attrition.

Person Organization Fit dimensions:

While hiring an employee the following dimensions are looked upon by the employer during the selection process.

• Easygoing vs Aggressive

• Innovative

• Attention to details

• Stable

• Attitude towards people

• Team player

• Attitude towards outcomes

Importance of Person Organization Fit:

• Turnover: It is very obvious that employees don’t like working with organizations that don’t align with their personal values and goals. Determining the same during the selection process, helps to reduce the turnover rate.

• Job Performance: If an employee doesn’t like the work or the environment, he/she is working in; this has negative effects on the job performance of the employees.

• Work Attitudes: The congruence between the work attitude and the person organization fit is the strongest. The more an individual fits into the organization, the more positive will be the work attitude.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Person-Organization Fit along with its overview.

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