Delegation - Definition & Importance

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What is Delegation?

Delegation is a concept when a senior gives or delegates certain specific tasks or duties to a subordinate along with some powers to take decisions. When delegation is done by a senior, it gives the subordinate decision making powers, certain responsibilities and accountability for a certain task. Delegation is an important concept in business and organizations lay high importance on the same.

Importance of Delegation in Management

Delegation is an important way of sharing responsibility and duties at work and is beneficial in management. It is a way to provide direction to staff appropriately and consistently. It helps in accomplishing goals of the organization by increasing the contribution and responsibility of the employees, and better stream-lined management. It ensures that the work load is divided between the senior management and the subordinates, so that the senior employee can focus on other strategic activities. When a senior delegates certain authoritative powers along with the work, it becomes delegation of authority. 

By proper delegation, the following can be achieved:

• you can teach new skills to employees

• help subordinates to be more productive

• instill in them the sense of self-reliance

• Improving their morale and motivation

Advantages of Delegation

It has several advantages which can be seen from the benefits each stake holder i.e. manager, subordinate and organization gets:

1. Manager / Supervisor Benefits of Delegation

• Reduced stress for supervisor as the work can be performed by the junior

• Improved time management as the supervisor has more productive time

• Increased trust between the senior and subordinate

2. Employee Benefits of Delegation

• Increase in professional knowledge and skill development

• Elevated self-esteem, motivation and confidence of the employee

• Sense of achievement when a subordinate is delegated different tasks

3. Organizational Benefits of Delegation

• Increased teamwork between the senior management and subordinates

• It helps in increased productivity and efficiency leading to better business

Hence, this concludes the definition of Delegation along with its overview.

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