Job Instruction Training

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Definition: Job Instruction Training

Job instruction training or JIT is a form of simple on the job training where a new employee is trained step by step by a supervisor or an assigned coworker. This kind of training usually exists for jobs requiring manual skills such as factory workers. The jobs require relatively low skills and hence can be taught in a simple step by step procedure. Job instruction training can be provided on a one on one basis as well as one to many. JIT is also used to train existing workers about new technology

The benefit of JIT is that the training is real time and based on the real workplace. Hence the trainee not only observes the trainer perform the job but also gains hands on experience in performing the job under supervision.

Another overall advantage is the reduction in wastage and accidents due to proper training.

One drawback is that productivity slows down during training as the workers are trained at the actual workplace. Furthermore the risk of accidents is higher as the workers are new and may not have enough knowledge about the equipment they are working on apart from what the instructor has told them.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Job Instruction Training along with its overview.


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