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What is Peer Evaluation?

Peer Evaluation or Peer review is a type of performance evaluation that is done by one or more people of matching competencies. Peer review is usually done among the members of the same team. This is a method employed to preserve the quality standard at a desired level and improve productivity and performance.

Peer review is also a part of the 360-degree assessment along with self-review and manager assessment. It helps in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses that an employee faces at the ground level. It also provides an insight into the relationships that the employees share with each other.


• It provides a broader range of information about the employees. This is important especially in today’s team based workplaces.

• The provide a complete picture of employee interactions and also reveals the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. These may or may not be very apparent to the manager, but in the peer reviews these can be easily captured.

• Knowing that performance assessment is not only done by their managers but also their team mates encourages the employees to work harder and impress their colleagues

• The feedback provided by peers are easier to relate with. This helps the employees to understand their shortcomings and enhance their performance


• Opinions provided in the reviews may be polarized. Especially in case of departmental loyalty or friendship, it becomes very difficult to judge an employee from the review provided by their colleagues. The same may also happen in case there exits any unhealthy competition between colleagues or departments.

• This may lead to overburden of work for the employees and may in turn hamper their regular tasks.

• Employees form small communities at work place especially those from the same team. Asking them to evaluate each other may be uncomfortable

• If confidentiality of the reviews are not maintained properly, the y might strain peer relations and affect team dynamics


Hence, this concludes the definition of Peer Evaluation along with its overview.

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