Pre-Arrival Stage

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Definition: Pre-Arrival Stage

Pre-arrival stage is the process of where orientation starts for a new employee, wherein exchange of certain information take place before an employee officially enters into the organization. This stage recognizes that each new employee arrives with a set of organizational values, attitudes, and expectations. Pre-arrival socialization goes beyond the specific job.

After a long process of recruitment and selection, an employee is welcomed at the work place in a programmed manner. In simpler words he/she has to undergo various induction and orientation programmes conducted by the organization. Under orientation an employee is being introduced with the vision, mission, core values and several policies and procedures of the organization. In induction an employee is introduced to the working environment i-e the working conditions, supervisor and other people around the organization.

When we consider orientation in particular it is more or less a systematic process of communication which helps a new employee in understanding what the organization is all about and what are the fundamentals behind its journey till date.


This stage is followed by encounter and metamorphosis stage which ultimately link it to the induction process.

A Pre-arrival stage can’t be ignored because it shapes the perception of employee for the organization such that many times it reflects the sincerity of employee on work


Hence, this concludes the definition of Pre-Arrival Stage along with its overview.


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