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What is Informal Training?

Informal training is a type of training in which people probably are not aware that they are in training, it is some somewhat casual and incidental. This type of training occurs so naturally. The most well- known form of informal training is learning from experience on the job.

Other examples of informal training are :-

• book

• discussion groups

• informal discussions among employees related to a specific topic,

• journal articles about a topic

• reading newspaper

• sending employees to hear famous speakers



• Informal training is less planned

• more incidental.

There are a large number of informal training methods. These are few Examples:

• verbal and written communications,

• reading books,

• mentoring,

• discussions,

• debates,

• giving of directions

• Mentoring is one of the most important form of informal training

• Ad hoc training sessions taken by staff members in the organization are also considered as informal training- under which a staff member, who has strong skills or knows much about a thing in a particular area, such as a computer application can provide ad-hoc training to co-workers on the job

• Other methods of informal training are publications in internal systems via intranets. It keeps employees informed and provide them with a way in to various resources that help them advance their skills

• technical and specialized libraries

• circulation of journal



• However, this form of training often provides the most effective, deepest, enriching, and richest learning. This is so because this type of training occurs naturally in life

• avoid miscommunication and lack of coordination because more than one employee will know how to carry out each method required by the company



If one wants to learn about a specific area or knowledge or skill in a suitable way then, Informal training is less effective than formal training.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Informal Training along with its overview.

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