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What is HR Research?

HR Research can be understood as the tool used to evaluate the HR practices and performance. HR research is simply a kind of research which is conducted in the field of human resources. HR research also offers detail analysis on the current development and management issues with the real-life case studies to enable the formulation and implementation of the strategy practice within the current organization. 

Research is a very systematic and scientific process of information collection, analyzing the available information and drawing conclusions for taking decisions. Research can be of advanced level as well, relying on statistics and very sophisticated technology.Research often seeks to improve the performance, whether the information is rigorous or not.  Research gives us the detailed information about the subject being researched, which helps the researcher come to a very accurate and correct conclusion. There are usually two kinds of research like applied and academics. Academic research contributes to the existing body of knowledge, while on the other hand oriented research are known as applied research. In order to determine the HR performance the applied research is conducted.

Following are the types of applied research:-

1. Statistical approach- The researchers generate statistical standards from the existing records to evaluate the activities and programs. With this approach the team can discover the smallest of errors easily.

2. Comparative approach- The research team of the organization directly compares its organization with another organization to figure out the areas of poor performance. This helps in identifying the areas that need improvement in the organization.

3. Outside authority approach- Here the research team counts on the expertise of the consultant or published researched records as the standards of activity or performance evaluation. The outside help may result in correcting the cause of problem.

4. Compliance approach- With the help of samples from the human resource information system, the researchers look for the deviation from the laws and company policies. The compliance helps us to know whether the organization is complying with the company policies and legal regulations or not.


Hence, this concludes the definition of HR Research along with its overview.

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