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Participative Management - Meaning & Definition

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What is Participative Management?

Participative management is a kind of management which involves its employees of different levels to be a part of a decision making process, which actually empowers the members of the group. Participative management is also a type of management which includes the employees of different position to contribute their ideas towards setting up of the organizational goals, crucial decision making and its implementation process.

All the employees are invited to share their point of views on any particular aspect of the decision making. Other types of participative management can be by increasing the responsibility of the employees, creating the self managed groups and soliciting the survey feedbacks. Participative management also requires that the ideas and suggestions provided by the employees is to be taken seriously and seen if they might be of any use to benefit the organization in any possible way. Although the group leaders have the final call on the decision making process but the team members are given complete freedom to come up with something new and original that might influence the final decision in any positive way.

Following are the few advantages of the participative management:-

1. Participative management offers various different types of benefits to the employees of different levels in the organization. This initiative encourages and motivates the employees to increase their productivity in order to achieve their organizational goals.

2. Managers using this style find employees more comfortable to change than in the position where they have no voice. Participation of the employees keep them updated with the upcoming events for which the employees need to be prepared beforehand.

3. Participation of the employees enables them to have a wider view of the organization. With the help of the development opportunities, idea sharing and training, employees can acquire the advanced skills needed to become the top executive of the organization.

4. Participative management also brings out the creativity and innovation from the employees. When there is a wide choice of options coming from diverse group of employees, it enhances the synergy of the group.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Participative Management along with its overview.

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