Psychomotor Test

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Definition: Psychomotor Test

Psychomotor Test are used for determining the precision, coordination, control, dexterity and reaction time for candidates in the hiring process. It not only assesses the mechanical performance of the candidate but also their ability to understand and follow instructions and perform motor responses.

This kind of tests are widely used for deciding the best candidate for surgeons or pilots etc. The test measures the candidate’s reaction time, multitasking capacity and coordinating abilities. The evaluator rates the candidate’s performance against a predefined benchmark. This is standardized for all applicants.



In a manufacturing facility, a candidate is placed in a high speed assembly line. They are asked to perform a task for a certain time period. This gives the employer an idea of the efficiency and fastness of the employee.


Factors affecting Psychomotor Tests: 

• Job role: The tests are created in accordance with the jobs demand. It asses the key physical attributes required to perform the job related tasks successfully.

• Job pressure: Pressure related to ache job role may be different and that has to be kept in mind while designing the tests

• Decision making: The degree of instant decision making is a key factor of psychomotor assessments

• Real time job environment: The tests are most accurate when conducted in a real time simulated environment, as that is when the motor reflex are best judged.

• Standardizing the evaluation criteria: For proper assessment of candidates, a checklist of all major criteria are created and every candidate is judged based on the same



• Relevance: These tests provide an acute understanding of the exact reaction that a candidate might give in a similar real life situation. This helps in selecting the best suited candidate



• Cost: The tests usually require equipment and simulation, so they can get quite costly.

• Time: Being a one to one testing environment, time and effort required in conduction psychomotor tests are very high.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Psychomotor Test along with its overview.

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