Outplacement Counselling - Meaning & Definition

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What is Outplacement Counselling?

Outplacement Counselling is a systematic process by which a terminated employee is trained. Outplacement counselling is part of the terminated employee’s support or severance package and is often done by specialized outside firms. It helps displaced employees manage the transition from one job to another.

Outplacement does not mean that the employer himself or herself takes the responsibility for the placement of laid off employee in the new job. Services such as job search support, résumé critiques, job interviewing training and networking opportunities may be provided in- house or through an outside source. It is aimed at helping people realize that other opportunities exist.

What does outplacement counselling involve?

Phase 1: Psychological support

– Help in dealing with the situation both before and after the decision to terminate employment

Phase 2: Skills assessment

– A series of psychological tests, tailored to the specific needs of the client

Phase 3: Formulating a job-seeking strategy

– Analysing the individual's market potential on the basis of their skill set (possible roles, potential employers, networking)

– Preparing an attractive résumé

– Professional appearance in job interviews/communications training

– Launching the job-seeking strategy in a defined market


– A new career challenge (“career transition”) and integration into a new work environment


– The counselling process can last between six and twelve months, depending on the client's level of employability; other parameters may be preferred in certain cases – for example, continuing the program until an acceptable solution is found.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Outplacement Counselling along with its overview.

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