Technical Conference Method - Meaning & Definition

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What is Technical Conference Method?

Technical Conference is a Data Collection method. Here in a conference of supervisors initiate the discussion and give their expert advice and views regarding the job. This method is considered to be inaccurate in some cases.

Job Analysis is the process of studying, collecting and understanding the information related to a particular job. A detailed job analysis gives us Job Description and Job Specification. The critical stage of conducting a Job Analysis is Collecting the Data.

Important Elements of Technical Conference Method

a. It is based on the advice of SMEs or Subject Matter Experts. Example of a subject matter expert is a Human Resource Specialist for Compensation and Benefits.

b. Brain storming sessions are conducted where in these SMEs discuss the various details and elements of the Job.


Advantages -

• This is direct data from years of experience and in most cases gives deep insight that a researcher cannot

• The data that is collected is comprehensive and covers all the possible aspects of the job discussed

• The SME is chosen because he is highly competent and efficient. He adds a lot of value to the process.

Disadvantages -

• The SME may not be able to break the work in tasks as he is looking at the job from a bird's eye view.

• The whole process is highly time consuming and may take the SME from his other responsibility or pressing concern.

• There is can be a difference in opinion of the conference. This difference will lead to a waste of time and an unresolved status quo.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Technical Conference Method along with its overview.

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