Task Identity - Meaning & Definition

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What is Task Identity?

Task identity is the overall extent to which - a job is done from the start point A to finish point B. The extent to which the outcome is predicted or visible. Task identity is an important and critical element of job satisfaction. Here in the entire job is viewed from a holistic view and not viewed for its components. Task identity is one of the five elements of job characteristics - skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, feedback.

Task is a fundamental component of a job. Various tasks when processed together, they constitute a job. Tasks are clearly defined. They are simple and when each task is conducted efficiently, a job is considered to be efficient in totality.


For example - A job will be to go to a client and cater to his urgent plumbing needs.

Now this job has various tasks:

a. Reporting to the location with all the appliances.

b. Finding out the exact point of concern

c. Fixing the problem

d. Ensuring that the problem does not come up again

e. Generating the invoice and receiving the payment


Task identity allows the worker to meaningfully experience the job since they are a part of the entire process as opposed being a mere cog in the machine.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Task Identity along with its overview.

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