Unsafe Acts - Meaning & Definition

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What is Unsafe Acts?

Unsafe Acts are defined are the activities in which the employees are engaged or involved and include unauthorized use or operation of equipment. The main reason behind unsafe acts is the human attitude and their behavior towards their job at their respective workplace. Accidents occur because of these unsafe acts at the workplace.

Unsafe activities in which the employees may be involved include the following:

a) Using or operating the equipment without proper authorization.

b) Loading, stacking down or tying in a manner where unexpected movements may take place.

c) Working at a speed which is inappropriate including using shortcuts or avoidable movements during the working of the machine.

d) Failure to avoid the warning signals when the machine is working, also the inability to locate the blind spots.

e) Removing guards off the equipments while working.

f) Use of defective equipments.

g) Use of equipments in an unsafe and inappropriate manner.

h) Use of hazardous equipments that too without safety gear.

The safety devices and other such necessary equipments are disabled under the influence of an unsafe act at workplace leading to accidents which ultimately result in damage to manpower as well as the organization as a whole. According to the research conducted in the west around 88% of the accidents are due to such acts, engineering at the workplace can result in reduction of accidents due to such acts. Unsafe acts result from two factors:

1. Personal Factors- E.g. Lack of knowledge or skills.

2. Job Factors- E.g. Substandard equipments.

Ways to keep people or workers away from performing unsafe acts:

a) Safety education and training

b) Enforcement of all education and training programs.

c) Handling the accidents in a three step process- accident response, accident investigation, and corrective measures.

The first and foremost thing is to make sure that even though one person is affected by the same rest of the people are at safe places.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Unsafe Acts along with its overview.

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