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Pre-Post Training Performance - Meaning & Definition

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What is Pre-Post Training Performance?

In the Pre-Post Training Performance Method, each of the participants is evaluated before the training and rated on the basis of the actual job performance. After instruction, of which the evaluator has been kept unaware is completed, the employee is revaluated. As with the post training performance method, the increase is assumed to be attributable to the instruction.

However, in contrast to the post-training performance method, the pre post performance method deals directly with the job behavior. This method considers the performance evaluation of an employee based on the difference of before and after training performance of an employee. In this type performance evaluation method, only individuals are considered before and after training for their performance evaluation and not evaluated as the group of individuals. This method also gives a clear idea about the improvement and learning capabilities of the employees being trained in the organization.

Advantages of the pre-post training performance method are as follows:-

1. This method reflects the improvement of the employee being trained.

2. This method helps managers to know their low performers.

3. It reflects the learning capabilities of the employees.

4. It helps to identify the employees who lack attention.

5. It is useful method of evaluating the value addition resulting from the training program.

6. The pre-post training performance method is completely based on the performance of the employee being trained.


Disadvantages the pre-post training performance methods are as follows:-

1. Employees past performances are neglected.

2. Employees are who disturbed due to some private issues cannot perform well impromptu.

3. There might be personal biases of the evaluator that might affect the fair evaluation of the employees.

4. This also might result in forced learning by the employees just for the sake of positive evaluation during the performance evaluation and later end up forgetting the important parts of training sessions when the situation come of its applications.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Pre-Post Training Performance along with its overview.

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